"For those who like their romances dark, emotionally complex and brimful of grit, Dorothy Garlock holds the reins masterfully." -- Publisher's Weekly

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July 2009

The Moon Looked Down

Young Sophie Heller and her family sacrificed everything to escape Nazi Germany and find safety in America. but as war fever sweeps their small town of victory, Illinois, they become targets of suspicion, whispered accusations of treason, and a vicious attack. Sophie's father won't go to the law for help, but Sophie, who now works for the town newspaper, vows to expose those behind the threats no matter what it takes. Her only ally is Cole Ambrose, a teacher whose quiet strength slowly earns her trust...and hides secret pain. As hidden enemies move in to destroy the Hellers once and for all, will Sophie and Cole's defiance...and unexpected love...be enough?

"The premier writer of Americana romance."
-- Booklist

April 2010

Stay A Little Longer

For Rachel Watkins, the armistice has brought anything but peace. Day by day, she struggles to run her family's Minnesota boardinghouse, raise her defiant young niece, and keep her grief-shattered family together in the face of heartbreaking tragedy. She has no reason to trust anyone, for the most powerful man in town is using any unscrupulous means necessary to take her property. But now a shell-shocked stranger takes refuge with the Watkins family as he tries to heal and salvage what he can from his once privileged life. And as remorseless enemies seize a devastating chance, Rachel and this mysterious loner will risk everything to believe in each other...and claim the dreams they'll never surrender.


Out now

Keep a Little Secret

Charlotte Tucker has always followed her heart, and now it leads her to a big ranch in Oklahoma where she can teach in her very own schoolhouse. When suspicious accidents put the ranch--and lives--in jeopardy, Charlotte believes in the one man no one else trusts and asks him to help her uncover the truth. There's bad blood between the ranch owner and its newest hand, Owen Wallace, but Owen is as brave as he is caring, risking even his own dangerous secret to keep Charlotte safe. With a roiling tornado and a vengeful enemy fast closing in, Charlotte and Owen must muster every ounce of courage to make things right--and claim their heartland future together.

"Dorothy Garlock is, unquestionably, a national treasure with her unflinchingly honest portrayal of our history and the people who lived it." -- Ann's World, South Bay Cablevision  

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"Dorothy Garlock has a talent for transforming history into best selling fiction." -- Magazine and Booksellers

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